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Barrell Mover 5000 

Coming soon to CA. Road-Tech is the official partner for the CA region for the Barrell Mover 5000. 

We will be offering Sales, Training & Warranty repair work. Contact us Now to schedule a Demo

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iCone Connected Tech 

With the majority of the states offering guidelines for semi-autonomous or fully autonomous vehicles to operate in some capacity on their roadways, having your work zone visible on navigation apps has become increasingly more critical weather or not the local DOTS address it.

Truck Mounted CMS

The truck mounted CMS from American Signal Company represents the latest advances in All-LED sign and highway safety technology. With this sign, you can display full sign sized MUTCD regulatory and warning symbols, large sign sized text characters, and up to four lines of standard text characters.

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PSS Road Quake 2F

Transport with ease

Carrying Handles





Flashing Beacons

Sign Stands

ADA Compliance


Connected Tech

Track your equipment & Give Drivers a audio and visual warning in their navigation apps with this simple retrofit kit.


Trafcon Truck Mount

Simple controls, durable design- get a quote today.


Hitch Basket

Speed up those complex city lane closures with the J-Tech Hitch Basket.


Portable Traffic Signals

For the most dependable signals in the west coast call Road-Tech.