AMSIG Truck Mounted CMS

This full matrix display, utilizing 30 degree ITE amber LEDs gives you the lowest cost and most effective display message sign available today. The wide viewing angle allows the sign to be legible at all times when other signs fade out and are unusable. The menu driven programming includes AMSIG’s Quick Edit feature, which allows for one-screen access to create, display, and save user-defined messages.

Three sizes available:  Small size 34” high x 71” wide, Mid size  48” high x 78” wide, and Full size  48” high x 96” wide


  • Cellular (CDMA / IXRTT , GSM / GPRS) 
  • Radar Overspeed Detection 
  • Queue Detection 
  • Work Zone Alert Radar 
  • Radar Data Logging 
  • ITS Compatible 
  • WiFi 
  • Bluetooth controller

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