Work Zone ITS

Portable, real-time, automated, accurate and reliable system for predicting and displaying travel time for motorists in advance of and through work zones.

Make work zones safer for highway workers and motorists.

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Portable Changeable Message Signs

We have the largest fleet of CMS boards in northern CA. Shop with us and get competitive pricing, optional remote monitoring, setup, maintenance & removal.

Get Premium Service without the Premium Price

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Portable Traffic Signals

Our portable traffic signals are ready for rent so if you need signals in 6 month or 6 hrs we have you covered. Road-Tech handles all the setup, maintenance, and removal. We also offer the largest variety of customization in order to fit your specific job needs. 

Get the most dependable signals on the west coast. 

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Automated Flagger Assistance Devices

Get your Flaggers off the road with the smartest AFADs in the industry. It reduces cost and increases safety it is truly a win-win scenario.

Decrease cost and increase safety.

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Rumble Strips

PSS RQ2F Folding rumble strips Rent a full set of 12 strips comes standard with the "RUMBLE STRIPS" Roll up signs and training. 

Know your costs before the job bids get your pricing today

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Radar Trailers

Use radar speed display trailers to reduce speed and increase safety on your next job site. All of our Radar trailers meet Caltrans requirements and come standard preprogrammed for your job site with interchangeable speed characters for quick relocation. 

Slow down drivers

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Arrow Board Trailers

We understand the importance of reliable arrow boards, that is why all of our arrow boards are properly maintained and are given a thorough inspection before every job. 

Reserve your arrow board for a month from now or an hour from now. 

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