Work Zone ITS

Creating Safer Roads Through Technology


We have been providing work zone ITS systems since 2001. Recently we did a job on one of the most dangerous highways in the country. Not a week into the job we received a call from the prime contractor asking if we knew what the message boards said yesterday at 2:05 AM. We looked it up immediately sent it back with a time, date, & GPS location. The contractor let us know that there was a rear end collision and that information paid for the whole system for the rest of the 13 month job through reduced tort exposure. Once the job was done we learned that our system considerably reduced expected rear end collisions and there were zero fatalities. 

Our systems continually prove to decrease legal fees, prevent rear end collisions and for the collisions that do occur they are generally far less severe.  

In every study done by Caltrans, MassDOT, & Tex DOT they have shown that giving drivers real time information about queuing, merge points, and travel times, increases safety & efficiency and decreases driver frustration & legal fees.

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Real Time Monitoring

Login where ever and when ever you want to see traffic flows and what messages are being displayed to the public.

Customized Reports

We will send you customized reports that show traffic patterns, work zone impact & delay times. In addition we can create text message alerts to inform key personal of extreme traffic conditions.  

Plan Design Included

Our plan designers can create clear site specific plans that will allow all members to have a comprehensive understanding of how our system will increase safety

Fine Tuning the System

Some systems may not have the desired result when they are first deployed due to location, type of work performed or other environmental factors. We will not stop fine tuning the system until the desired outcome is achieved.

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