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RoadQuake 2F Temporary 

Portable Rumble Strip

Designed to reduce accidents and save lives, RoadQuake® 2F Temporary Portable Rumble Strip alerts distracted drivers in work zones and other changing road conditions. Ideal for work zones where daily installation and removal is required.

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RoadQuake Crib is a fully integrated cargo carrier, designed specifically for the transport, deployment, retrieval, and storage of RoadQuake 2F Temporary Portable Rumble Strips.

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Retrieval System

RoadQuake Retrieval System retrieves portable rumble strips with little manual effort by using a retrieval winch motor and hook. Mounts easily to RoadQuake Crib devices.

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RoadQuake Raptor Rumble Strip Handling Machine transports, deploys, realigns, and retrieves RoadQuake rumble strips in work zones. The Raptor keeps workers off the road, out of live traffic, and safer.