Standard Terms & Condition

1. Quoted pricing is good for 90 days, unless an extension is agreed upon by Road-Tech Safety Services, Inc. herein referred to as “RTSS, Inc.”

2. Only those products & services specifically mentioned in the quote are included. Products and services required for installation such as wiring, brackets, poles or labor are not included unless specifically mentioned.

3. Customer may be required to unload the order when it is received. A forklift may be needed.

4. All maintenance & insurance is the responsibility of the customer.

5.  The customer shall take full responsibility of any vandalism or damage done to the equipment while the equipment is in position of the customer. Road-Tech shall charge the customer for the time and materials to restore the equipment back to an equivalent operable state before the equipment was damaged.  

6. All plan sheets, drawings, and other submittals shall be electronic. Hard copies may incur additional charges.

7. No additional work shall be done without prior written authorization of Contractor. Any such authorization shall be on a change order form approved by both parties, which shall become a part of the Contract. Where such work is so added to this Contract, it is agreed the total price under this Contract shall be increased by the price of such additional work, any delinquent service charge may be increased proportionately, and all terms and conditions of this Contract shall apply equally to such additional work.

8. Contractor hereby agrees that time shall be of the essence in regard to all payments provided for herein, and if any payment is not made when due, Contractor agrees to pay all collection costs and expenses including costs of suit and any related attorney’s fees and costs and also hereby waives the benefit of any statute of limitation that would prohibit an action of RTSS, Inc. to enforce the terms and conditions of this Contract including but not limited to any right to recovery of attorney’s fees and costs. The laws of the State of California shall control all aspects of the Contract except as to lien matters, which shall be governed by the laws of the state where the subject property is located.

9. If at any time any controversy shall arise between RTSS, Inc. and Contractor regarding anything pertaining to this Contract and which the parties hereto do not promptly adjust and determine, then Contractor and RTSS, Inc. stipulate and agree that the controversy shall, at the election of RTSS, Inc., be submitted to an determined under the Construction Industry Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association then in effect, and the parties hereto agree to be bound by the Award in such Arbitration. The Award shall be binding and final and may be entered as a final judgement in a court of competent jurisdiction.

10. Invoices paid after due date are subject to a finance charge computed at a monthly rate of 5% (an annual rate of 60%). Client is responsible for legal and collection costs if necessary, to collect past due amounts.