About us

The story of creating safer roads through technology

Road-Tech Safety Services, Inc. was founded January 1, 2001 by Joe Jeffrey and Tony Espinoza

Joe began in the traffic safety industry working for a message sign manufacturer where he learned from the very best traffic control and barricade rental companies in the United States. Tony began with a local barricade business loading cones and barricades. He quickly learned how to install and maintain lane closures and eventually worked his way up to general manager of one of the largest companies in northern California.

From the beginning we focused on using newer technologies to improve roadway safety.  Changeable message signs were already in common use at that time, but most were the old diesel-powered flip-disk signs. We were one of the first to promote solar-powered signs with amber LED displays.

Road-Tech was the first in California and probably the first in the west to deploy a work zone ITS system. Our first system was used in Los Angeles County on a Caltrans project near Magic Mountain. It included RTMS traffic sensors, message signs, and two portable CCTV cameras. Everything communicated over a dedicated radio network as digital wireless networks were not yet available.

Today work zone ITS is still growing in California. Over the past 18 years we have been able to refine their accuracy, effectiveness and reliability and we are still working toward wide spread adoption of these systems. 

We are recognized experts on many other products and systems including portable traffic signals, radar speed display signs, curve warning signs, automated flaggers, blank-out signs and other newer, but lower-tech products such as portable rumble strips and Qwick Kurb channelizing systems.

We have never lost sight of our customer. We are in business today thanks to our customers and the fine men and women we work with on a daily basis. We are constantly learning new lessons and refining our processes to better suit our customers’ needs. For example, for every order you place or job you hire us for, you will have one contact person from beginning to end. If an issue arises you know exactly who to call so that it can be resolved quickly and easily.

Moving Forward. We have always looked at ways of harnessing technology in order to benefit our customers and save lives. This year we have released our customer portal in order to streamline processes such as reordering and viewing past quotes and we are integrating Site 2020 AFADs into flagging operations in order to increase the safety of the workers on our jobsites. Next year even more great changes are coming... but you will have to wait until then to learn more!

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