Road-Tech's mission is to increase road safety through innovation and technology in both road infrastructure and the temporary traffic control construction zones. 

We offer one of the largest fleets of portable changeable message signs, we are one of the leading plan designers in ITS Workzones, for traffic control contracting we have a turn key service from plan design through execution, our repairs department can work on anything traffic control or electronic sign related, we have a large variety of electronic message signs, and are your one stop shop for any and all your traffic control renting or purchasing needs.

Joe Jeffrey President

Joe Jeffrey has been in the traffic control industry for more than 20 years initially working for ADDCO and eventually moving on to start Road-Tech in 2001 with co-founder Tony Espinoza. Joe oversees all rentals and sales and is our Workzone ITS expert. His favorite subject is new or innovative traffic control equipment. In fact, you can follow his blog at  Joe spends much of his spare time working to improve road safety. He is co-chair of California’s work zone safety committee. He sits on the steering committee for California’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan. He is a past chairman of the board of directors for the American Traffic Safety Services Association and even testified before the House Transportation Committee on the need for safety in the highway authorization bill. Joe cares deeply about increasing road safety and is proud of the many safety improvements for which Road-Tech has been a part.

Matt Jeffrey Operations Manager

Matt Jeffrey (Joe's oldest son) joined Road-Tech in 2006 trained primarily by Tony Espinoza, Matt eventually filled the large shoes left by Tony when he retired in 2011. Matt now oversees all parts, repairs, traffic control plans, traffic control contracting, maintenance of all equipment and training of all Road-Tech's employees. A list of equipment Matt has repaired in the past includes but is not limited to various brands of trailer mounted changeable message signs, permanent and trailer mounted ADDCO brick signs, portable traffic signals, arrow boards both truck and trailer mounted, permanent and trailer mounted radar signs.  Brands typically repaired include ADDCO, Trafcon, Wanco, Ver-Mac, Trafficalm and Allmond.

Ben Jeffrey Sales Associate

Ben Jeffrey (Joe's youngest son) is our newest employee at Road-Tech . Ben recently received an honorable discharge from serving over 3 years in the U.S. Army and 13 months deployed to Afghanistan. Since joining us he has been exposed to a wide array of traffic control set ups. He is a certified Traffic Control Technician and has received his Traffic Control Supervisor training. He is currently in charge of traffic control contracting sales, website design, and is being trained in traffic control plan design. Ben cares deeply for his country and the safety of its drivers.