Vehicle Activated Traffic Calming Signs

Posted Speed Limit Vehicle Activated Traffic Calming Sign (VATCS)

These signs are only activated by excessive speeds. When the sign turns on it displays the speed limit to the driver accompanied by a slow down message and two yellow flashing beacons. 

The effectiveness of these signs was proven in a long term test, which lasted five years. These signs had an incredible proven effect of reducing the average recorded speed by 4mph.

The VACTS can come with either one or two displays for the purpose of alternating speed limits in cases such as a work zone or poor road conditions. You can also set up a remote detection feedback system to switch to the second display automatically when traffic congestion is detected.

School Zone Vehicle Activated Traffic Calming Sign (VATCS)

This sign has been gaining attention because of its effectiveness in school zones. School traffic only has very limited hours so the permanent stagnate signs do not possess the amount of respect they deserve with the School zone VATCS you can program them to only flash the standard school zone sign when school traffic is coming in or letting out and for the rest of the day program the current posted speed limit.

The sign communicates with a Bluetooth™ wireless communication from a handheld PDA so once the information is up loaded no further information is needed the sign automatically compensates for seasonal time change which means less maintenance and consistent accurate feedback to drivers.

Most drivers aren’t choosing to endanger the schools staff, students, parents & faculty by driving recklessly, but rather they are not engaged in their driving they are either thinking of the chores of the day or the issues they have within their personnel lives. So when they are given a reasonable sign of caution that they can relate to and understand the benefits of the drivers will reengage and proceed with caution through the school zone.

Dynamic Curve Warning or Advanced Curve Warning Signs 

Oregon 267.jpg

Dynamic curve Warning Signs or Advanced Curve Warning Speed Signs are designed with one problem in mind and that is Roadway Departure Crashes. To put roadway departure crashes in perspective think about this; approximately 60 percent of all fatal crashes were roadway departure crashes. On average, one roadway departure fatality crash occurred every 23 minutes. An average of one roadway departure injury crash occurred every 43 seconds. The estimated annual cost of roadway departure crashes is $100 billion (all statistics were gathered from the FHWA Resource Center). The VATCS in this application of warns drivers of upcoming curves along with the "SLOW DOWN" message and two flashing beacons are shown to have an excellent effect on reducing both average approach speeds by 7mph and accident rates by a 1/3. So not only is the Dynamic or Advanced Curve Warning Sign a financially beneficial investment but it will save lives! 

This sign also can be used for warning drivers of upcoming hazards such as narrow bridge or concealed junctions

For curve symbol reference guide please refer to the MUTCD standard horizontal alignment signs and plaques. The can come in both the standard 24" or for freeway exist can come in 48"


Advanced Yield or Stop Warning Vehicle Activated Traffic Calming Sign

MCtavish Yield ahead 006.JPG

The traffic control vehicle activated signs flash the MUTCD recognizable YIELD AHEAD, or STOP sign ahead. 

most drivers are not trying to drive recklessly and run stop signs or yield signs but in the cases of rural roads or roundabouts the driver may have not been adequately warned of what he or she is approaching and therefore they cannot slow down in time. In a extensive study done they discovered that only 8.8% of all the accidents were caused from drivers disregarding the signs and or pavement markings, the rest of the accidents had preventable causes, such as distracted drivers and drivers who failed to yield. 

These signs are perfect for intersections with a history of problems of vehicles failing to stop or slow down in time. These signs provide ideal advanced warning in low light or no light situations on any suburb or rural roads 

This VATCS is not a replacement for static signage or to be used as a repeater.

Cyclist Ahead Vehicle Activated Traffic Calming Sign

Bicycle sign Sept 19th. 008jsb.jpg

Cyclist ahead signs work by setting up an inductive Zelt loop or microwave Doppler radar that can detect the speed of the cyclist as well as the speed of the approaching vehicles, It will then flash the MUTCD standard cyclist ahead sign with a pair of dynamic horizontal flashing beacons and can be supplemented with "SLOW DOWN" or "CYCLIST AHEAD" for added emphasis to the driver. 

This sign is especially effective in cases where the cyclist crosses the drivers path or merges with the drivers.  

This VATCS is not a replacement for static signage or to be used as a repeater.

Chevron Vehicle Activated Traffic Calming Sign

The chevron sign is made with reflective sheeting, is outlined with high intensity LED amber lights and meets all MUTCD standards. they can come in steady burn which is constantly illuminated or vehicle activated which capitalizes on the same technology that the other VATCS use in which the chevrons light up uniformly to show more clearly the curvature of the turn for any vehicles that are driving in excessive approach speeds.

We have already emphasized the importance of preventing road departures and the Chevron VATCS are an especially effective solution for any turns that are faced with low visibility due to  fog, rain, snow, or are rural and have little to no lighting in place.

The units are available in application specific sizes in 24V DC and 110V AC models. 

All VATCS come in size 24" (60cm X 75cm) and meets all MUTCD requirements.

All VATCS can hook up to either AC or DC power supply.