Temporary Rumble Strips

RoadQuake 2 Sections temporary rumble strips. The RQ2 is comprised of three sections that are 35lbs per section allowing just one flagger to assemble the whole thing by himself. RQ2 requires time and space on the shoulder to assemble sections at the job site. 

RoadQuake 2F Folding temporary rumble stripes. These temporary rumble stripes can be placed quickly and easily with two people which can save you time for setup. Because of the ease of setup, Road-Tech will only provide RQ2F as our rental unit. 


We supply Plastic Safety Systems Temporary rumble strips which have been tested on roads with speeds between 10-75MPH. The rumble stripes are approved by CalTrans and the FHWA. 

We sell, rent, and finance rumble stripes to all of the greater northern California region.