Portable Flashing Beacons

SynchroGUIDE Flashing Beacons

 Road-Tech is one of the only dealers in the greater California Oregon and Nevada region that is offering synchronized flashing beacons that give drivers a more comprehensible direction of travel. The beacons attach to any barricade and have an additional option for a cone mounting attachment. These beacons create an easier to navigate, safer work zone for drivers, workers and pedestrians.

Barricade Flashing Beacons:

These flashing Beacons attach to all barricades as well as drums and water filled barriers. They have high visibility and are ideal for averse weather or night work conditions.

Portable Sign Stand Flashing Beacons :

These beacons have bright, high visibility LED lights that mount easily to your sign stand flag tree. All of the wiring connects easily to any 12 volt battery.