If nothing else Download this fact sheet.

SB1 Will mean a huge stride forward in CA for safety and road infrastructure improvement. Since it's passing it has been under major scrutiny and will likely come to a vote next November. So instead of preaching to the choir I will give you a few tools for you to help convince your friends, family & co-workers to vote to support SB1 come next November. 

First go to that fact sheet, it's important to memorize 2-3 key points about the SB1 that resonate most with you.

Now let your friend or family member make their point. Don't be argumentative if you say "but" they will think you are a butt. Instead listen to them and when you have a chance to make your point start off with "I really like the gas tax because of X & Z". 

Most people don't know how much SB1 is costing them so that is the first point that I like to bring up "it costs the average citizen less than .50 cents a day, so it would cost less then $182.50 per year." and most people would generally say yea that's $182.50 per year that I can't afford or that is coming out of my pocket.

The Next point to bring up is how much it costs to continue business as usual. "well it currently costs the average CA driver $762 per year on repairs for road caused damage."

Then the last point I like to bring up is that CA is ranked 48 in the condition of our highways. and that we need to do something about it. 

The 1 rebuttal I have heard most is that we already have a gas tax and they have wasted it on projects other then our roads, to which I usually respond "yes" so call your Representatives and say that you want the funding to be enshrined so that the money is protected and spent on the roads ONLY. You can also mention when the last time the gas tax was raised in 1994.

After you have had the initial conversation once some time has past, ask them if they will be voting to support SB1? If they give you a yes then they have taken ownership of that position and may even advocate it to their friends.

Please Also visit the website  rebuildingca.gov this is a map of all the projects that SB1 will be funding. Look up your local neighborhood and tell people what is going to happen! Get them excited about the repaving of old roads that are in poor condition. This is a big step forward for CA so please spread the word to everyone in your community.