To kick off the New Year, let's look at Ben's top 8 Ted Talks guaranteed to increase your IQ by at least 40 pts. 

1. Mapping Drones- What's possible for the construction industry?


2. What Self Driving Cars See -How can we be visible to self driving cars?

3. Designing Self Assembly- Will construction eventually be less mechanical and more biological?

4. Robotics-What scares you about robotics? More importantly, how will they interact within construction?

5. The Ethical Dilemma of Self Driving Cars- How will construction play in the moral decisions that need to be made?


6. Current State of Driving in the U.S. -In anticipation of self driving cars there will be a vacuum of untrained and inattentive drivers, do we really want these drivers in our workzones? How can we teach the public proper driving in our workzones?

7. What 3D Driverless Infrastructure Could Look Like- The more we look at human biology, the better idea we have of what infrastructure could some day replicate.

8. Lastly, I had the pleasure of having a beer with this lady and she is just as positive and insightful in person as she is in her Ted Talk. May I present AR/VR -How do we Prepare for Change?

What's your favorite Ted Talk? More importantly, what big questions are occupying your time in 2018? Start a conversation by commenting below.