Freeways is a new game by independent game creator Justin Smith owner of Captain Games.

You are a traffic engineer, trying to optimize traffic for efficiency while using the least amount of concrete and avoiding the dreaded TRAFFIC JAM.

This game immediately reminded me of an article a while back about Cancer Research UK who created several games to help them identify cancer genomes. Many people saw this as an opportunity as an ordinary person to help contribute to cancer research. In the same way I was curious if Justin would be open to working with research groups to eventually turn this game into a tool for frustrated drivers to help solve congestion issues. 

So I reached out and contacted Justin and he is thrilled with the idea but simply doesn't have enough man power to include all the complexities that would go into a project of that scope. You would have to take into consideration: traffic lights, viable traffic flows, multi lane roads and the list goes on. So if anyone knows of a research group that would like to team up with Justin just let me know and I'll get you in contact! e-mail me at: 

From a traffic guys perspective if nothing else this will improve the publics perception of roundabouts. After playing this game for a short period you realize just how efficient roundabouts are and their necessity in crowded intersections.

I found this originally on wired magazine. 

If you want to support the game(only $3) and test your engineering skills get his game here