There were over 300 new products at the 2017 ATSSA convention in Phoenix Arizona. Instead of trying to show you all of them we wanted to highlight a select few products that would be most beneficial to you. To start off we interviewed Thomas Safford the National Sales Manager with Plasticade who released several new products including their new Commander Traffic Drum and Lo-Pro Airport Barricade. 

Commander Drum

When it comes to the new Commander Drum Plasticade paid close attention to detail:

  • Larger stack capacity to save you more money on freight
  • The ability to install flashing lights and stack the drums before leaving the yard
  • Change to the sidewall angle to provide better visibility for drivers
  • Improved handle
  • Increased durability in several areas for better rebound and increased lifespan
  • Textured barrel to help prevent movement or disconnection from the base

Lo-Pro Airport Barricade 

Plasticade took the best features from all the top models that are currently available and mashed it togther to create the Lo-Pro Airport Barricade:

  • Ability to attach any style barricade light or flag
  • No tools necessary
  • Forklift holes for the ability to move the barricade without draining the water
  • Angled siding for better visibility
  • Thick reinforced base for a long lifespan when being dragged or moved over the asphalt

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