The most dangerous time in a workzone from my personal experience is when you are picking up the closure. Imagine working all day in the sun. You're hot, fatigued and in a rush. To compound the problem, you have increased traffic from commuters heading home from work who are also tired, distracted and in a rush. The barrel mover will take you from having 3 fatigued workers on the road to 1 worker in a vehicle. Being in a vehicle with AC provides a greater capacity to be alert and aware. This is the most important benefit of the barrel mover 5000 a dramatic increase in safety but it's not why Kyle invented it.

Kyle was in charge of traffic control on a multi-mile paving job. The job had a limited time window of when the crews were allowed on the road. The estimator for the job had considerably under bid the project and so Kyle and his crew had to get the most out of every working day.  Kyle recognized that they were spending 2 ½ hours a day just moving drums so he went home and built the barrel mover in his garage. With the barrel mover they gained an additional 2 hours every day and ended the project under budget and ahead of schedule gaining them a bonus and allowing them to move to the next job quicker.

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