ADDCO no longer asks the question "what works?" it now it now asks the question "what works best?"

In todays world of computer simulations ADDCO is asking all the right questions. Those questions led ADDCO on a 14 month journey that produced their newest message board DH1000 featured above. The only thing left untouched on the whole message board was the trailer hitch.

The newest features include:

  • Auto deploy
  • Wind guard
  • Intelligent charging
  • Remote troubleshoot
  • Remote programming
  • Radar
  • Camera
  • GPS
  • Modem
  • 20 plus sensors
  • Automated Traffic Travel/Delay times
  • Geofencing

The best feature is that any new software update that ADDCO comes up with will automatically be synced with your message board. If you look at any major industry until recently, software was created to cater to hardware. For example, we first created the car then we created the computer to monitor the car. Now the reverse is true the hardware is now created to cater to the software. You can see this taking place across every major company Amazon, Google, Facebook. they all have one thing in common, creating hardware(robots, drones, cars) to cater to their software. If ADDCO can create this message board in 14 months imagine what software updates they will have for us in the next 2 years?

So that does it for the 6 days of ATSSA interviews please feel free to give us some feedback by either leaving a comment below or by contacting me at

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