Road-Tech has been looking for a good quality affordable lighting system for a long time now. Whenever we throw around ideas about lighting systems by the time we do the math it never works out in our favor... at least not until recently. I stumbled onto Powermoon through looking at construction lighting reviews online. I was seriously concerned about the price so I contacted a few different distributors who were gracious enough to give me an honest review. None of the distributors had anything negative to say except that occationally a fuse would go out, which it includes a spare. Shortly after our first couple of orders a local investigation unit was looking for a balloon light and I went out for a demo. When I arrived they already had one of the leading competitors units there. The investigation unit, like myself, were worried about the price and wanted to do a side by side comparison. This is how they lined up


  • Stand seemed less stable and did not include tie downs
  • The LED unit was completely open, nothing but a net to protect the lights.
  • To attach the light to the stand you had to have at least two people, one to operate the stand and the other to place the light on top.
  • Before the light would turn on you would have to wait for the balloon to warm up, i'm not sure why they have this mechanism since it was LED. 
  • We pressed on the balloon to simulate strong winds, once it reached a certain point it would auto shut off, this was very concerning for the customer. If they were to rip the balloon fabric for whatever reason during setup they would not be able to do anything until they either fixed the fabric or brought in a replacement light.
  • The price out the door for the competitor was $3,493.75 with tax


  • Slightly better Stand
  • Sealed LED unit to prevent moisture, and dust build up.
  • I was able to set up the light by myself although it would be easier with two people.
  • Immediately would turn on, no warm up time required.
  • Did not turn off if the fabric was compressed or moved we completely opened up the fabric to expose the LEDs and the light continued to work just fine. In the case of ripping it during setup you would be able to finish the job before using the included repair kit.
  • The price out the door for Powermoon, was $2,353.66 with tax

We just ran out of stock, but back orders only take an additional 5-7 business days to arrive.