ConeLITE Synchro to debut at Ontario Fire Chiefs Show in Toronto

The only cone mountable wireless sequential warning light which meets both FHWA, MUTCD ITE Optical and HSST/WZ-339 crash test and evaluation criteria.

The unique design of the ConeLITE Synchro facilitates rapid deployment of the sequential lights in temporary taper applications.  The body of the light was shaped so that it could be placed on top of a cone and the action of the placement activates the light.  

Battery changeover is quick & simple, no bolts required for mounting, you simply fold the body/handle through itself giving simple access for install & replacement of the battery and a carry handle.  The lamp offers up to 1100 hours of continuous use from our DAAB50 battery.

Lead by example and improve your temporary and emergency response cone taper safety by deploying ConeLITE Synchro - a proven low cost safety countermeasure that has been developed in response to a congress directive to improve the efficiency and safety of US highway systems and the FHWA's first national, multi-disciplinary traffic incident management (TIM) process and training program.

A range of lens colors are available for emergency responder deployment.

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