Automated Work Zone Information Systems

Automated work zone information systems is a catch all term for a combination of sensors, processing servers and software, and output devices including portable changeable message signs or websites used to mitigate the impacts of road work on traffic. They can be used to measure and report travel or delay times, warn of slow or stopped traffic ahead, suggest alternate routes, and much more.

Road-Tech has been supplying AWIS systems in California, Oregon and Nevada since 2002 – far longer than any other traffic control company. We have successful projects as large as $850,000 and as small as $30,000. Our experience, local maintenance and support, and knowledge of the requirements in the states we serve mean our customers can focus on the construction portion of the project knowing we will handle all aspects of the AWIS deployment.

Our systems are all tested and approved by the departments of transportation in California, Oregon and Nevada. Copies of their specifications are available here.

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